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Monday, March 11

Out of Hiding!

  Hello friends. another long hiatus of blogging on my part. I hope you all are enjoying March so far. This week we set baptismal dates for Arabely and Juan Carlos. They are family members of an ex missionary in our ward. They love love love church and are so excited for their baptism this Saturday. They were fascinated by the word of wisdom and really felt it was inspired of our Father in Heaven. So Juan Carlos told us he drank coffee because his grandma gave it to him daily for breakfast. We told him not to worry because we had a cure and solution for this. The next day we brought him MORCAF, a non cafeinated drink made of cereals and corn. He was so excited that he told us he immediately ran to his grandma when he came home and asked her to make it for him. He said he likes it and is very willing to stop drinking coffee from now on. We are really trying to work hard with the members. The most challenging part that keeps our investigators from progressing is church attendance. For some reason here the people are just so darn scared of going to church. I think they think we have cults or weird ceremonies inside the building or something, I really dont know. We always have at least some investigator in church so that is good. The ward is awesome here. We just started a cool new competition to encourage and excite the members to participate in missionary work with us. We are giving points to each organization whenever they come contacting with us or have family home evenings or bring their friends to church. We have a calendar where they can sign up and everyone was so excited that they ran to the calendar after we announced it and the calendar is now practically full! I know that if anyone has a testimony of the gospel then they know that sharing the gospel is important in Heavenly Fathers plan, but sometimes we just need to wake up and just do it... TODAY, not later!!! Now is the time and everyone can share the gospel in their own way. I've realized that creativity is so important. The gospel can be shared in so many ways and we can help apply it to others families and lives if we try to think of fun and unique ways to share it. WE are the Lords hands in this great work and he really is depending on us. I encourage all of you to share the gospel with at least one person and invite someone to church. You never know what the Lord has in store for them... and for you. Don't just follow the gospel... live it... everyday.

With Love,
Hermana Argueta