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Monday, July 30


Hey everyone! So we just got back from a fun day at the beach with our zone! We spent the whole day taking pictures, talking, eating fish, drinking coconuts under shady palm trees, and playing in the sand. I'm grateful we got to have a relaxing pday at the beach because this week was super CRAZY! CRAZY, but in a good way. So we had 3 baptisms this week, Jeffrey (8), his brother Angel (10) and Marta (80). We had soo much to do, the challenging part in particular being heating the water for Marta since she cant bathe in cold water. So we asked the 4 elders in my district to help us all afternoon and heat huge pots of water while we ran to do errands for the baptismal service. Wow, I've never had such a crazy-stressful week but in the end it was worth it because all 3 were confirmed on Sunday and happy with their baptisms. My comp and I are especially happy because we met our goal of baptizing 5 people for the month of July! I honestly testify that 2 things in particular allowed us to reach this goal... FAITH in Jesus Christ and OBEDIENCE. These are 2 principles that our mission President is always always always stressing and teaching us to have. My comp and I did everything possible to make an effort to be more obedient in every aspect, at home, while contacting, during lessons, always always. And I also turned my feelings of disappointment and doubt into automatic reflection on Jesus Christ and that this is TRULY his work for the happiness of his children. Turning my negative thoughts upside down and doing my best to follow the guidelines placed before me as a missionary honestly made all the difference in this month and allowed this miracle of 5 to happen. I know this without.a.doubt.

Hermana Argueta


Monday, July 23


Hello Everyone!

This week was kind of challenging for me and my comp, but we made it through thanks to a great Sunday! So we were on the lookout for new people to teach this week and asking for references from as many members as possible. Well, no one really wanted to talk to us when we knocked on doors and the members gave us NO references at all. We were frustrated and sometimes just walked around hopeless. On Saturday we contacted a 19 year old named Nery and he came to church on Sunday and appears positive. He said he feels really happy and good about the things we are teaching him. The week thankfully ended happily thanks to an amazing Sunday! On Sunday, my comp and I spoke during Sacrament meeting and 108 people showed up (our goal is 100 for the ward)! We were shocked, but mostly thankful. We both felt the spirit as we each gave our talks about missionary work and looked out to a full congregation. Later we went to visit some inactive members and an inactive family who has a daughter that wants us to teach her to prepare her for baptism. So we have some new possibilities for baptism this week. There is soo much work here and this area is really big, so I'm grateful for that because not all areas have these advantages. I know this week will be better and will work as hard as I can. I know Heavenly Father listens to our prayers because despite the challenges and difficulties I had this week, he helped to realize there is hope in everything and its up to me to show him how willing I am to work and serve him and his children. I love this work so much. It makes me happy.

Hermana Argueta


Monday, July 16


This week Yara was baptized. Her parents and brother Bryan were baptized in March and she was so excited to finally have her own special day on Saturday. Yara comes from a difficult family. Her parents drink sometimes and her dad was completely drunk every single time we came to visit them this week. The mom abandons her 5 kids and they do whatever they want. The family has changed a lot since their baptism, but still has a little trouble keeping their baptismal covenants and coming to church. But Yara loves coming to church and always talks about the things she learns in primary and sings the primary hymns at home. We were so happy for her for  making this commitment with Heavenly Father and showing her great faith! This week we were really busy and I feel like this week will be the same. We need to find new investigators this week so that will be interesting. I'm grateful to see how the gospel has changed many peoples lives, like Yara's family. It gives me hope that there are plenty more out there who are ready to accept the gospel and be happier than ever through keeping the commandments. This is the only way to TRUE happiness.

Hermana Argueta


Monday, July 9


    This week was sooo busy but so cool! So a girl named Ingrid came to church with a member. She is 20 years old and 7 months pregnant and the daughter of a recent convert. It's kind of sad because her dad doesnt support her or her brother or mom in going to church because he is very  evangelic, so she has to be kind of sneaky when it comes to church things. So we met her Sunday and on Tuesday we taught her for the first time. She told us she had a strong desire to be baptized and was willing to be baptized the next day if possible! We told her that we would have to do a few things first but she could be baptized this week if she wanted to. On Thursday she had her interview and proved she truly is ready. She was baptized on Friday at 9 in the morning! It all happened soo fast. Since we set the date on Thursday evening, my comp and I had a TON of things to do in order to plan a baptism in less than 24 hours. We had to make a ton of phone calls, find white clothes, invite EVERY member possible, buy the refreshment, clean the baptismal font, and plan the agenda and messages for the baptismal service. It was a crazy experience but I am happy to report that everything went amazingly well and a lot of members showed up. Ingrid was soooo happy and is clearly ready to start this new path with her soon to be born baby. This experience with Ingrid taught me that the field really is white already to harvest... just like it says in Doctrine and Covenants 4! There are people here who are just simply ready to be found and to take this first step.... baptism. I know now that I need to be patient and let my faith grow and be strengethened through both the good and bad experiences I have each day. The Lord showed me that patience brings miracles when we always maintain our faith. Ingrid was a miracle that the Lord presented in his own time, I know and feel it. I'm sure that there are more miracles in store these next few months too.

    Hermana Argueta

Monday, July 2

Happy 8 Months!

         Hello family, relatives, and friends! First of all, happy 8 months today to my comp and I! I cannot believe I am almost half way done with my mission. Crazy! Time flew by and I feel like I just got here yesterday! This week we are working on changing everything about our area! We have a new mission leader and he is awesome. Yesterday we went out to contact a lot of less actives in our area with him since he knows the area really well. Plus my area is huge so sometimes we don't even know where to begin. But I can't complain about that because I love my area and I cant believe I get to be here. Yesterday we had 2 investigators come to church, Glendy and Ingred. They are both really positive so we are gonna work really hard with them and teach them as much as possible. The work is coming along slowly, but surely. Sometimes it's hard because we want to see the fruits of our labors immediately, but EVERYTHING is in the Lords time and not our own. This week we also had a conference with our mission President, Presidente Maravilla on Faith and the Atonement and it was amazing. I am still blown away by everything that man said and am grateful to have such an incredible President! He's seriously the best and everyone loves him! Today we are having a family home evening night with a member whose inviting less actives and we are going to talk about the atonement. We are also going to start having family activity nights with the ward on Thursdays so they have an opportunity to bring friends and less actives to meet the ward and play games in a less intimidating atmosphere. The ward is going to improve soon I know it! I'm grateful again to be exactly where I am and with the comp I'm with. I've learned sooo much about Hermana Ramirez than I ever thought I could learn from a companion. Thank you all for your support, prayers, and encouragement. Miss you all.

Hermana Argueta