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Monday, September 10


          Hello. This week went amazing. Our investigator, Candelario, was baptized on Saturday and now he and all his family are a latter day saint family in completeness. Candelario has been taught by several missionaries over many years but he never came to the point of accepting the gospel. We met him about 2 weeks ago and taught him the importance of a baptism having authority of God. He said that he was ready to make a good change in his life and he accepted a baptismal date the very first day we met him. This experience really proved to me that there are so many people who are simply ready to accept the gospel and we shouldnt be scared to share the gospel with everyone... after all how can we know who is ready and who isnt if we dont open our mouths and share our testimony with EVERYONE. Candelario is truly special and I am happy he and his whole family can now me an eternal family. I hope you all had an amazing week.. Changes are this week so I'm freaking out because I have no idea where I will be in the next 2 days ha. Oh well, thats the mission for you I guess. Have an amazing week.


Hermana Argueta


P.S. Thank you Stefanie Chen for the mauna loas... you're obviously the best person alive.

Monday, September 3


Hello. So Ive officially hit double digits... 10 months of my mission is now complete. It went by too fast and it scares me how fast time is flying by... I feel like I cant control how quickly the days are going by and sometimes I just want life to slow down a little so I can enjoy each experience I have each day. This week was better for me. We found more investigadores that appear positive and have a desire to learn more and we are preparing Candelario, a man of about 60 for his baptism this week. Candelario is a blessing. The missionaries have taught him for years and he is the only one in his family who would never accept the gospel for whatever reason. But he accepted a baptism the very first time we went to go meet and teach him. He is ready. Its as simple as that. The Lord prepares his children in HIS time, not OUR own. Im not here to baptize every creature alive in a year and a half. Im here to baptize those who are READY. Thats my job. But I cant do it alone, even if I wanted to. Without the Holy Ghost and Heavenly Father´s help... I would be incapable and inefficient in being an instrument in any part of the Lord´s work. Im grateful to have realized this so I can better myself in the next area I am placed in. Im grateful for the opportunities Ive been given to learn, grow, and experience.

My birthday was amazing! My awesome ward gave me a cake and sang to me and some members made me Shucos for dinner. It was a happy day. Thanks to all who contributed to the package I recieved as well! I loved EVERYTHING! Take care, everyone. Have a great September!

Hermana Argueta