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Monday, June 25

New Comp

Happy Monday! This week was full of changes, so I am happy to announce I have a new companion, Hermana Ramirez from Honduras! I am super happy and we get along amazingly well! I feel like weve been companions forever! We both started our missions the same exact day so weve known eachother since we got here. Right now I am showing my new comp the area and introducing her to the members and investigators. This week we are focusing on finding new investigators and contacting references weve been giving. Our area is huge so that is really motivating. The good thing is that we both really want to work hard and find as many new and positive people as possible. So thats where we are at right now. This week we have a multi zone conference with 2 other zones and the President and his wife so Im excited because those always motivate me and give me more courage and direction too! Coatpeque is still a beautiful and busy little city with rocks EVERYWHERE! I love the climate here, rainy and not that hot. I will let you all know how this week went in my next letter! Thanks for all the support, I really feel it out here!
Hermana Argueta

P.S. Thanks Gifty and A Lew for your amazing letters!

Monday, June 18


Hello Again! I am back from my 2 week hiatus of blogging at last! These past 2 weeks were a little crazy difficult for me because my comp has been sick with chest pains and plus shes kind of down a lot due to stress and anxiety. I'm trying to help her out and motivate her but sometimes I feel like theres not much I can do except be patient. So a week ago we were kind of down because none of our investigators were progressing and our baptismal dates fell through. So that Saturday, a member told us that another member was looking for us and trying to call us because she has a friend that contacted a lady on a bus and was really interested. The lady is named Sophia and she had been taught by the missionaries before a long long time ago. So the member on the bus had a strong feeling to talk to Sophia, even though she didnt know her. So she talked to her and shared her testimony about the gospel. Sophia said she wanted to be visited by missionaries right away! So the member called the member in our ward, Mariita. So we got home but my comp was feeling depressed and down so she didnt really want to leave. I had the impression to motivate her and try to get her to be positive and not think so negatively about herself. So we were about to leave the house when suddenly I remembered the member telling us about Mariita. So I said, hmmm, maybe I will just give her a quick call to see why she wants to talk to us. So right when I called her, she said I was JUST about to call you on my phone! Come right now to my house because my friend who contacted this lady wants to take you to the ladys house! So right away we went to Mariitas and met her friend who was arrived at the gas station we planned to meet here RIGHT when we got there. Then we all went to Sophias house. We met her and shared a lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ, challenged her and her 11 year old daughter Monica to be baptized and they both accepted baptismal dates for the 23 of June! We couldnt believe everything that went into this miracle! The timing, the spirit, the effort to follow the promptings of these two members, our ability to recognize the holy ghost, everything was NOT coincidence but meant to be and all set up by Heavenly Father, clearly. Sophia and Monica came to church the following day and even came to the relief society activity on Tuesday. We have taught them 3 times and are preparing them this week for their baptism on Saturday. Recently, I've learned that patience does bring miracles in the Lords own and perfect timing. He knows us best and knows the effort we are putting in, even though we struggle and have a lot of challenges with investigators sometimes. He does help us if we ask. I've been praying so hard and this experience was clearly an answer to my fervent prayers. Im grateful for the opportunities I have to experience my own growth in faith and effort to be patient amidst trials. My motto this week is PATIENCE and FAITH BRINGS MIRACLES! It's not easy being patient and having consistent faith, but in the end it will be worth it and it will be for our best.

Hermana Argueta

P.S. Thanks for the package Mom, Adry, and Ana and Rick!!!

Tuesday, June 5

Month Seven