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Monday, October 29


Hey everyone! Wow, so a lot has happened since the last time I wrote! So I had changes! I am now in Mulua, San Felipe! I have always wondered what it would be like to come to this area since so many missionaries only have had good things to say about it so I am soo excited to work here. So far I love EVERYTHING here! My companion is Hermana Gilland from Texas. She and I have always wanted to be companions so we were really excited when we found out we would be in Mulua for her last change here! So lets start with the ward. The ward is soooo big, about 260 members and the church building is huge and really nice. We seriously feel like we are in America here, especially because they pass a calendar around in relief society for members to sign up to feed us lunch for the whole month! The members and residents of Mulua are SOOOO incredibly nice and friendly! Not gonna lie, my house is super super humble and small. For example, my toilet doesn't flush and we only have water from 10pm til 8am. Not to mention theres always cockroaches who for some reason love hanging out in our house and bathroom. But we dont really think about all of this too much since we are never home anyway. So we are super busy here in Mulua.... theres always always always something we need to do or someone we need to visit. There's a lot of recent converts in the area that we have to visit often to keep them active. Right now we are teaching 2 families who are progressing and continually going to church together, so we are just working with them to get them to accept a baptismal date. Our biggest challenge is getting the wives of both families to follow through with the compromises we give them, but they are getting there.

Mulua is a really small pueblo so everyone knows everyone, ha its funny. To explain Mulua a little, its pretty much one really long road with houses and smalls streets on both sides. Hermana Gilland is such a hard worker, I am learning a lot from her and am motivated by her love for missionary work. I like how she always says that she loves being a missionary and that she doesn't want to go home in December! So something funny that happened today was that my comp left me on the bus on our way to the stake center! She was in the very front and I was in the very back so I didn't see when she got off the bus and the bus drove away with me still in it! I just looked out the window and she was standing outside waving at me! So the bus just when down the street and I got off. Then we were both cracking up laughing when we were walking towards each other ha!

So, I can feel that there are a lot of people in Mulua who are ready to be taught the gospel too and are ready to take action and make changes in their lives. There are some more families we have met and want to start teaching too. I will write more about that later! Thanks for all your support and prayers. Missionary work is an incredible work and will always be never ending :)

Hermana Argueta

Monday, October 8


Hey everyone. Did everyone enjoy general conference? I did as usual. My favorite talks were Jeffrey R. Holland´s and Ann M. Dibb´s. I love when Sister Dibb talked about the importance in having confidence in our identity as members of Christ´s restored church. I was pensive when she asked, ¨Do we have the strenth, discipline, and commitment to follow Christ?¨Also, she was so true when she talked about how we sometimes tend to step away little by little from the church and from Heavenly Father when we begin to prosper and when things are going well for us. Can´t believe women can go on missions now at 19. That's sooo awesome. I hope more young women take advantage of that. I would have totally gone when I was 19 if I could have! Well this week we have been working with Noemi and Silvia, 2 of our investigators. We hope to look for more investigators this week in our area and our planning activities to make it more fun. Dad, I can't believe youre in Guatemala right now! Wish we could hang out, oh well. Well it won't be long until it starts raining super hard so I better leave before I get drenched. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Hermana Argueta
P.S. Happy Birthday Mom! Go crazy!

Monday, October 1


Wow, I can't believe I have 11 months tomorrow. time is going by way too fast. this week we were able to carry out a baptism for a family, Carlos Gomez. Carlos told us he was ready to be baptized after years of rejecting missionary discussions and the invitation to become a member of the church. He is deaf in one ear due to his previous habit of consistent drinking, and now is realizing the disadvantages of not being baptized earlier. Carlos truly is repented and has a desire to change and improve his life. He even showed up early to his baptism and confirmation all by himself, demonstrating his humble faith and desire. Carlos told us he is going to miss us when we leave because we weren't like any other missionaries and we helped him when he truly needed it. He is now homeless and doesn't have a job. I know Heavenly Father loves Carlos and is so proud of his decision to repent, change, and come unto Christ. I feel his life will slowly, but surely come together and everything will be better for him than before. I'm grateful to have met Carlos and to have seen this true change in his life. I hope you all have a happy Conference weekend! I hope you all are as excited as I am :)

Hermana Argueta