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Tuesday, December 25


Con Amor,
 Hermana Argueta

Monday, December 17

The True Meaning of Christmas


          Wow, one week til' Christmas! This year I will be looking forward to tamales, fireworks, and christmas songs in spanish to celebrate the holidays. This week Hermana Jimenez contacted a lot of the members to introduce us to their neighbors and friends. President wants us to work with the members more than just contact random people, but we did a little of both. It actually is fun contacting in Mulua because everyone is super friendly and everyone talks to you. It seems to be even more happy and bright during the holiday season. Well the good thing about Mulua is that there arent as many people who light fireworks compared to Mazate. Today we had our annual Christmas activity with the whole mission and Mission President and his family. The mission Presidents wife even made cookies for each missionary! One of the blessings of this last Christmas in the mission is that I really am focusing and pondering on the true meaning of Christmas and life. We all really do have a purpose and it is so simple... To return again to be with our families. We have our whole life to really demonstrate to Heavenly Father if we want to recieve the blessing of eternal life through the way we react to our daily challenges and trials. But in the end, everything is simple... Jesus Christ loves us. Does he know we love him? Happy holidays and Feliz Navidad from Guatemala.

Hermana Argueta

Monday, December 10



              Hey everyone! This month is going by so fast! So I have a new comp... Hermana Jimenez from the Dominican Republic! Shes awesome. So on Tuesday night a member in our wards house burned and she lost everything! She was just sealed in the temple with her family too and said the only things that didnt burn in the fire were her book of mormon and her temple recommend. Hortensia has so much faith and she is really strong. We went to visit her and she was surrounded by people fron relief society and right when she saw me she just hugged me and started crying really hard. We sang a hymn with her and read dc 121 verse 7. Later, I went to see the house and all that was left were burnt walls. I didnt even recognize the house at all. the ward is awesome though and everyone is helping out so much. So this week we had a neat experience. We were walking down this place called las 3 marias to look for cindy and erickson since they told us they had moved. Well, apparently we passed their house because we heard HERMANAS!! and we turned around and it was jennifer, a nonmember and sister in law of erickson. so we went in and they were painting. We told them we wanted to help but they wouldnt let us because they didnt want us to get paint on our clothes. so we told them we would come back tomorrow. so on thursday we painted the inside of the house and talked with them. Then we set up a family home evening for Sunday night with the 2 couples that live there. only the wives are nonmembers. we had a fun family home evening and made each couple a poster of the stages of the gospel of jesus christ and wanted together forever with them. we talked about families and about the things they need to do to be able to have an eternal family one day. they said the family home evening was fun and we are going back on Wednesday to teach them some more. There's so much work to be done in Mulua! I know we are bound to find more people to teach this week. I hope you all have a nice week and are getting ready for christmas!

Hermana Argueta

Monday, December 3


Happy December! Can you all believe we're almost leaving 2012? Wow, I've never felt any other year go by faster than this one. Well, this week was successful :) Hermana Gilland and I were able to baptize a family. Yurys baptism was a miracle and definitely one of the most special moments for my comp and I. Yury, 23, is a timid young mother of two who has been having trouble connecting with her inactive husband. She finally decided to make this covenent because she wants her family to change for the better and she wants to set a good example for them. I know it wont be easy for Yury, but I know the Lord will bless her so much for taking this step of faith. This week is changes and Hermana Gilland is returning to our amazing country of USA! She is excited but at the same time sad to leave Guatemala, where so many love her! Im sad to be getting a new comp because this change was so fun with Hermana Gilland, but thats the mission for you and life goes on. This week they put up the giant town christmas tree and had the lighting ceremony on Friday night, so everyone is getting excited for the holidays. I hope you are all beginning to feel the Christmas spirit of peace and joy. Love to all.

Hermana Argueta