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Saturday, November 5

Dork Dot


Hey everyone! So this is my first time emailing and soo much has happened but I literally have 27 minutes to write since the computer is timing me! Wow, so even though I've only been here for 3 days I feel like I've been here for 5 weeks! Everyone here says that the weeks feel like days and the days feel like weeks and I TOTALLY understand that now ha. So my companion is Hermana Griggs from Colorado Springs, Colorado and she's reallly realllyy nice! Plus we get a long really well and have some things in common so that's been good. She's going to Nicaragua on her mission but she's coming to the Guatemalan MTC with me too in 3 weeks. So in my room there are 2 other Hermanas, Hermana Zuniga from Yucaipa, CA and Hermana Harris from Idaho.They have the exact same mission in Guatemala as me! So, I just have to let this out: THE FOOD HERE SUCKS! EWWW. Worse than what people let on. BUT... I discovered chicken wraps so that's what I'll be eating for the rest of the meal times here :) So I feel like I'm reliving my freshman year of college in a dorm room because I never got to experience the dorm part and having 5 roomates so now I know how it feels ha. I've actually been doing really good at waking up at 6:30am. I'm not even tired during the day! Our district is pretty cool. There are 12 of us, so 8 elders and 4 Hermanas. Elder Wood is soooo funny! He makes me and Sister Griggs laugh a lot ha! I don't think he knows he's funny. So since I'm in beginning spanish class, my teacher Brother Hellewell and others have noticed that my spanish is really good and they all have been advising me that I should probably be in intermediate or advanced spanish class. So I went with Brother Hellewell to another building to get tested on my spanish. This young lady told me phrases in english and I had to translate them in spanish. After that, she said, "Um, yeah you are definitely advanced level." So I'm pretty sure I'm going to get moved up to advanced spanish next week. I don't mind that, but what I'm not excited about is that this means I have to change companions and move to a different room! ahhhh. I'm gonna miss Hermana Griggs soo much. Oh well. So anyways, we started teaching a girl named Liza. Today was our second lesson with her. Today went much better than yesterday. Today she even invited herself to church! haha. Hermana Griggs and I just looked at eachother when she asked us if she could come because I can imagine this is every missionary's dream! We are teaching her all next week as well. So people I've seen... The first person I saw that I knew were Brother and Sister Call! They are sooo nice and it was good to see familiar faces. Then I saw my friend Trevor from my ward at BYU-Hawaii. He's going to India and I didn't even know he was planning on serving a mission! He's soooo friendly and funny, he always yells, "HERMANAAA ARGUETA!" whenever he sees me ha! Then I saw Sam Lew! We talked about peacoats and how we have similar ones ha! Right now we are about to have a half P-DAY to do laundry, but since Hermana Griggs and I don't have any we are going to read our handbooks and write our talks. Oh yeah, so every Sunday during sacrament meeting, the branch president will choose 2 people to each give 5 minute talks in spanish about an assigned topic! So we all have to be prepared and write a talk in case we get called. Everyone is soo excited to be here and working really hard. Everyone in my class has improved and learned soo much in spanish in just 2 days! I'm really excited to be here and am doing really great so far! Everyone is really supportive of each other here and ready to learn. Oh yeah, I'm FREEEEZING everyday, all day here! So cold! But yeah, I'm learning a lot and know I will be learning much more during these LONGGGGGGGGGGGG DAYYYS! So long! Oh and I have absolutely no time whatsoever to do anything alone or even study anything I want. Every second is literally planned out and I'm never ever even in my room besides bedtime. A really cool thought that Brother Hellewell was telling us is that our call as missionaries gives us authority to receive revelation for the people we teach and authority to teach the gospel to others. He showed us his white tag that said Teacher Brother Hellwell and said, "My tag is useless. It means nothing and gives me no authority to do anything. But yours has your name RIGHT next to Jesus Christ so we have a lot of responsibility and power to preach the gospel to the world. I'm grateful to be a missionary and to get to teach others the best message they will ever hear! Well I gotta go cuz my time is about up but I love and miss you all and please don't forget to write to meeee! And packages are welcome anytime! Mahalo! and Hasta Luego!
Love, Hermana Argueta