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Friday, November 25

Week 3

Hola everyone! I seriously never know how to start these weekly emails because every day is sooo eventful and it's hard to remember what happened yesterday, let alone last weekend. Well, I got a new companion again! yay! wow, this is my third companion at the mtc, this must be a record or something here. I LOVE HER! Her name is Hermana VanMeter and she's from Portland, Oregon and going to Chile on her mission. Her spanish is SOOO amazing and I learn so much from her! We have a lot in common and I feel most comfortable around her out of all the companions I have had here so far! I'm gonna miss her sooo much! We are both leaving on Monday! I'm soo excited to finally leave STRAIGHT to the mission field in just 4 days! Crazy! I'm really working hard these last couple of days to learn as much spanish as I can and to teach the lessons as best as possible. Oh yeah, so I got 2 new teachers and our district with 14 missionaries split into 2 districts! I was really sad at first because I seriously love everyone and get attached easily, but now it's okay because I still see the other district all the time at meals and my class is right next to theirs. I REALLY miss my old teachers, but my new ones are great too. Their names are Brother Arnold and Sister Keller. So yesterday I got to be a host missionary which was really fun! I escorted a new sister missionary to her class, the bookstore and her dorm room. Then I went with my roomate Hermana Forbush to her physical therapy appointment for the next 3 hours so unfortunately I had to miss class. Today is P-Day so we went to the temple and it was amazing as always. So on Tuesdays we have devotionals with someone from the 70 or an apostle and Tad. R. Callister came and spoke to us. So I was sitting with my district really really close to the front, but we were on his right side. Then all of a sudden, this man points at me and my companion and motions us to get up. He didn't look happy so we were scared that we were in trouble for I don't know, wearing something weird or something, and then he told us to go straight to the FRONT and sit next to Brother Callister's family/friends!! There were exactly 2 seats so we were really lucky and it was definitely cool to be in the very front row with EVERY single missionary there! anyways, so right now we're teaching claudio, caroline, and jose. It's been really great teaching all of them seeing how they've progressed with each lesson. Missionary work is really great because all you go is study and talk about the gospel with other missionaries all day long! Everyone is sooo happy here and READY to leave to their missions! I'm sooo excited to leave to mine too! I miss and love you all and please don't be afraid to WRITE to meeee everyone and anyone! peace out and happy thanksgiving!


love you all, hermana argueta


P.S. Shout out to RITA! Thanks for the package girl! My district and I are gonna eat ALL the candy and cookies in the laundry room in a second ha! And the monkey sleeps on my bed every night!

P.P.S. Thanks James for the package too! you da bestt!