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Tuesday, November 29


hey everyone! so I finally got to Guatemala on Tuesday around 5:30am. First I went to the CCM (MTC) in guatemala to eat breakfast with the other missionaries leaving to Reu. Then we took a 4 hour bus ride to Reu to meet the mission president, president maravilla. We had an orientation with the president and later we walked around Reu for a little. Then we ate at the bishops house and stayed at a hotel for the night. the next day we found out our areas and companions. My companion is Hermana Villavicencio from Nicaragua. Shes been here for 16 months already. Our area is Mazatenango. This area is known to be a really high baptizing area so hopefully we will get to baptize a lot of people! We are both new to the area so this week weve basically just been going everywhere with the zone leaders and getting to know the area better. My house is really big but my neighborhood is SOO freakin noisy I wanna kill everyone at 10 30 pm when we go to sleep! Theres a ton of dogs, hens, music, cars, buses, people, its madness! On Thursday I was lucky enough to go to the temple and work at the exit tables with the other hermanas in my zone. The temple is sooo awesome and set up on a hill so the view is really cool. We had to wake up at 4 30am to get ready, then take a 2 hour bus ride to Xela where the temple is at. We worked from 7am to 1pm answering nonmembers questions and giving out folletos. All the hermanas had already gone through the temple tour a bunch of times already but they knew I hadnt so they came with my through the temple tour! It soo pretty inside! I love how every temple is different but has the same purpose. On Friday we had taco bell and watched a movie for our Zone Thanksgiving get to gether. Guatemala is crazy! I swear I think I am going to die every 3 seconds! We get around on super packed buses and these little red cars called Tuc Tucs. Yesterday we had to walk through a foresty pathway to visit a member and stood on the back of a pick up truck to get there! Its seriously a wild adventure Im having here! Sometimes I think, am I really here!!! ha! Oh yeah, did I mention I now get to take freezing cold showers every day! I know, I, beyond lucky!! ha! anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for christmas. everyone here for sure is ready and blasting fireworks left and right! i love you all! peace out!

hermana argueta