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Monday, February 27

Carrying On

Hi everyone! So this week went by way fast! I cant believe its Monday already. Today for P-Day we played baseball! It was actually really fun, which is saying a lot because I suck at it and have little to no baseball experience, and I actually hit the ball pretty decently each time it was my turn to bat. ha. So this week we worked really hard teaching new investigators in Santo Domingo. Fortunately, one of our investigators, Robert, a 15 year old boy came to church with us on Sunday and then accepted a baptismal date for this Saturday. So were gonna go back and teach him some more this week so he is prepared. Roberts family is interesting ha. His mom is very evangelica and his dad isnt really religious, but both of the parents are totally supportive of Robert and encourage him to go to church and take the discussions. So thats awesome. Were gonna continue two other investigators named Guadalupe (19) and Erik (22) this week as well and try to encourage them to go to church since they always make up excuses and arent really understanding why its soo important that they come each Sunday. My companion and I are getting along better this week and are getting to know one another better too. Were very different but I think well be able to work well together after all. I was a little sick last Wednesday and was pretty sure I was gonna get a cold, so the elders came to give me a blessing and I immediately felt better and I was completely back to normal the next day! So that was a miracle to say the least! Well, not much else is new or anything. Im still working really hard with my comp to find people who are ready to hear the gospel! Yesterday the lesson in Relief Society was on the Liahona article, ¨Missionaries are a Treasure¨so it was nice to hear nice comments about the importance of missionaries from the Relief Society. Im so grateful that I am able to be healthy and energetic these days to be able to preach the gospel as fervently as I can! Im learning so much everyday and definitely understanding the change the gospel really can have in so many different people. Im grateful to be a missionary in Guatemala for the Lord! Thank you for all your prayers, love, and support!
Hermana Argueta