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Monday, March 19


Hey Everyone! This week was really busy but in a good way. I had to go to Reu, about 30 minutes away, twice this week to start working on the english program for the latino missionaries. Then I had to make a lot of phone calls all weekend. But everything seems to be going well. From now on, I have to go to the mission office in Reu every Friday to work on the program. Besides that, we had a last minute baptism this week for Robert´s younger sister, Pamela. Pamelas and her friend Melanie went to seminary for the first time on Saturday morning, later to the movies for a young women activity, and then decided they wanted to get baptized that same day! So my zone leaders called me Saturday morning to let me know that we had to spend the whole day in Santo Domingo to get permission from Pamela´s mom (shes 12 years old) and interview her before her baptism at 6pm. So my comp and I spent the whole day in Santo Domingo picking everyone up in a pick up truck and then took everyone to the baptisms at 6pm. Its fun standing up in the pack of a rusty pickup truck with 20 other people on our way to church on Sundays and to the baptisms each week haha! I wish you all could see it for yourselves!  Our ward had 7 baptisms this weekend so it was a good weekend :) Pamela loves church and is excited to be a new member. She´s awesome and willing to be obedient to the commandments and keep the sabbath day. We are also trying hard to work with Pamelas mom since she says she likes church and everything but isnt sure if shes completely ready to give up her evangelist religion. Her mom is sooo nice though and loves us and shes planning on going to the temple with the relief society this weekend too! Shes sooo funny, after we took photos at the baptism, she said, ¨wait, why didnt you change? arent you the one thats going to baptize her in the font?¨¨ What else... well yesterday I taught the principles of the gospel class at church on service and that went well.Im soo grateful for missionary work and am trying to have more faith in myself and in my comp. I know that I am capable to work harder every week, despite my weaknesses and moments of doubt that I have sometime. I am going to work harder this week with my comp and find those families that are ready to be like Christ. i love you all.

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