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Monday, May 28


Hi! So this week went well. Im still loving Coatepeque. But seriously, my area is pure rocks! Rocks here, rocks there, rocks everywhere. And it's not as easy as it looks to walk on rock after rock after day. Try it and youll see ha. The elders in my district came to our area on Tuesday to do an Area Attack where all of us contacted for 2 hours straight. We contacted a lot this week and ended up meeting an awesome lady named Flor. She has a little boy named Carlitos and lives with him and her husband. She invited us in and we taught her. She accepted a baptismal date for June and said she wants us to come over and visit with her to teach her more. She also came to church with Carlitos buy herself! So on Sunday, we go and pick up investigators to bring them to church with us and no one was home except for Yadir a thirteen year old boy we are teaching. So my comp and I were a little disappointed and down when we got to church. I was with my head kinda down during sacrament meeting when all of a sudden Jose and Claudia walked in! I couldnt believe my eyes! The day before I had invited Jose to invite Claudia and he said he would, but he usually always says he will and they never end up coming. My comp and I were soooo happy! Then a few minutes after, Flor walked in with Carlitos!!! We were ecstatic and awestruck! The Lord truly provides miracles when you least expect it. You just need a little faith! This week I read Alma 32. 27 a lot and realized how much it applies to the experiences and investigators I have at the moment. There will always be room for our faith to grow stronger and stronger. This week, try to have more faith. I know I will try to.

Hermana Argueta