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Tuesday, May 22

The Book is Blue

Hello dolls! How was your week? Mine was busy. Busy but good nonetheless. So we have a lot of investigators who are really positive and who accepted a baptismal date during the first lesson we taught them, but none of them came to church. So our biggest challenge right now is getting them to come to church. Its a little sad and frustrating when they dont come to church after teaching them the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy and taking a few hours out of our busy week to sacrifice to Heavenly Father. But my comp and I are not going to give up and we are both really positive about working even harder this week. This week we are going to focus on finding new people to teach and contacting a ton. My comp and I are really good friends and get along soo well, so Im noticing how much that makes a difference! She is always finding ways to serve me and help me. She is sooo sneaky and always makes my bed when I leave the room and then I get mad at her for it, so then she lets me iron her clothes haha. Today I am going to buy a bigger umbrella because it's raining a ton here! I usually tend to not prefer rain or like it even, but I actually appreciate it now since its nice to have a break from sweating 24 hours a day in the heatwave that I felt in Mazate. The weather here is soooo much nicer than Mazate. Its not too hot and it rains in the evening and at night. I can actually sleep with 2 blankets at night and pants instead of shorts. Coatepeque is really calm and laidback. Everyone here is soooo nice: catholics, evangelicos, lds members, everyone! The members in our ward always help us and love coming with us to our appointments. So one crazy intense experience I had this week was when we were teaching Claudia, a nonmber. Her husband is an inactive returned missionary but he doesnt wanna pressure her to get baptized and he doesnt really support her much in wanting to know more about the gospel. We began talking about the book of mormon and we all, including her husband, testified of its truthfulness and importance. So then we offerred her a book of mormon and she said, ¨NO! I dont want it! Please no no no! I can't take it! My comps face was pricesless. Im sure I would think mine was too if I could see it. I really didnt know what to say since no one had ever rejected a book of mormon from me before. Then she started crying and crying. So we tried to explain to her that we werent there to pressure her but to invite her to read it because we know its true. In the end she accepted it and she accepted another appointment with us. Claudia is totally ready to be a member and is SO interested in the gospel, I feel like she knows the church is true, but she is confused. She told us she wants to learn more but shes confused and doesnt want to be pressured. But we want to keep teaching her with a lot of love and patience. So this week we have a LOT of work to do but we have a lot of faith and hope to keep us motivated at the moment! I hope this week is AMAZE for all of you. 

Hermana Argueta