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Monday, July 9


    This week was sooo busy but so cool! So a girl named Ingrid came to church with a member. She is 20 years old and 7 months pregnant and the daughter of a recent convert. It's kind of sad because her dad doesnt support her or her brother or mom in going to church because he is very  evangelic, so she has to be kind of sneaky when it comes to church things. So we met her Sunday and on Tuesday we taught her for the first time. She told us she had a strong desire to be baptized and was willing to be baptized the next day if possible! We told her that we would have to do a few things first but she could be baptized this week if she wanted to. On Thursday she had her interview and proved she truly is ready. She was baptized on Friday at 9 in the morning! It all happened soo fast. Since we set the date on Thursday evening, my comp and I had a TON of things to do in order to plan a baptism in less than 24 hours. We had to make a ton of phone calls, find white clothes, invite EVERY member possible, buy the refreshment, clean the baptismal font, and plan the agenda and messages for the baptismal service. It was a crazy experience but I am happy to report that everything went amazingly well and a lot of members showed up. Ingrid was soooo happy and is clearly ready to start this new path with her soon to be born baby. This experience with Ingrid taught me that the field really is white already to harvest... just like it says in Doctrine and Covenants 4! There are people here who are just simply ready to be found and to take this first step.... baptism. I know now that I need to be patient and let my faith grow and be strengethened through both the good and bad experiences I have each day. The Lord showed me that patience brings miracles when we always maintain our faith. Ingrid was a miracle that the Lord presented in his own time, I know and feel it. I'm sure that there are more miracles in store these next few months too.

    Hermana Argueta