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Monday, July 16


This week Yara was baptized. Her parents and brother Bryan were baptized in March and she was so excited to finally have her own special day on Saturday. Yara comes from a difficult family. Her parents drink sometimes and her dad was completely drunk every single time we came to visit them this week. The mom abandons her 5 kids and they do whatever they want. The family has changed a lot since their baptism, but still has a little trouble keeping their baptismal covenants and coming to church. But Yara loves coming to church and always talks about the things she learns in primary and sings the primary hymns at home. We were so happy for her for  making this commitment with Heavenly Father and showing her great faith! This week we were really busy and I feel like this week will be the same. We need to find new investigators this week so that will be interesting. I'm grateful to see how the gospel has changed many peoples lives, like Yara's family. It gives me hope that there are plenty more out there who are ready to accept the gospel and be happier than ever through keeping the commandments. This is the only way to TRUE happiness.

Hermana Argueta