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Monday, October 8


Hey everyone. Did everyone enjoy general conference? I did as usual. My favorite talks were Jeffrey R. Holland´s and Ann M. Dibb´s. I love when Sister Dibb talked about the importance in having confidence in our identity as members of Christ´s restored church. I was pensive when she asked, ¨Do we have the strenth, discipline, and commitment to follow Christ?¨Also, she was so true when she talked about how we sometimes tend to step away little by little from the church and from Heavenly Father when we begin to prosper and when things are going well for us. Can´t believe women can go on missions now at 19. That's sooo awesome. I hope more young women take advantage of that. I would have totally gone when I was 19 if I could have! Well this week we have been working with Noemi and Silvia, 2 of our investigators. We hope to look for more investigators this week in our area and our planning activities to make it more fun. Dad, I can't believe youre in Guatemala right now! Wish we could hang out, oh well. Well it won't be long until it starts raining super hard so I better leave before I get drenched. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Hermana Argueta
P.S. Happy Birthday Mom! Go crazy!