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Monday, November 26

Abel and Andersson



            Hello to everyone out there. I'm glad to say that this week was successful and rewarding. After our attempt at diligence, Hermana Gilland and I were able to help carry out the baptismal service for Abel and Andersson on Saturday. This baptismal service was definitely one of the most special ones of my mission. Abel is 17 years old and has been going to church every Sunday by himself for 4 months now and even went to the youth camping trip last week. He never got baptized because his mom didn't want to give him permission. Other hermana missionaries and church leaders had previously tried to talk to Abel's mom about why he wanted to get baptized and how it was a special commandment. Well, everyone just left the whole circumstance alone, but Hermana Gilland and I felt that we should at least try talking to his mom. We thought of a plan and quickly told Abel so we could put it to action. We filled out Abel's registro completely and then had Abel write his testimony on a piece of paper. The mom is supposedly evangelica and cranky and at first she didnt want to let us in. We were persistent on her letting us in and told her we would only be there a few minutes. Finally, not knowing what to say or what other excuse to use, she let us in. We talked to her about the importance of baptism,how much Abel has changed as well as his desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and gave her the testimony. She just thought for a few seconds and said, ¨. well, if he really wants to then thats fine. We were so happy but Abel was definitely happier! The Lord truly will always come through ONLY when we have true and humble FAITH in him. If we were to doubt that his mom would give him permission, we would of never tried to talk to her. I know that faith results in miracles and that's probably why I talk about it so much. I hope you all can have a little more faith in Jesus Christ than you did last week. I'm hopeful to keep finding more exciting experiences this week in the mission field of Guatemala. Have a great day!

Hermana Argueta