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Monday, December 5


hey everyone! so Im still alive somehow ha! This week was definitely interesting. We have been trying hard to find new people to teach but these dang guatemalans dont wanna listen! Right now we are teaching a 20 year old girl named Griselda. Weve only taught her the first lesson because she is never home each time we go visit her! We asked her if she would come to church on Sunday and she assuredly said yes! my companion and i were confident that she would come, so we were happy. Then. Sunday came so we went to go pick her up at her house early on Sunday and she wasnt home! WE were soooo mad and annoyed! We walked all the way there and she wasnt even there. Rude. Seriously, Sunday was NOT our day! Everything that could go wrong did! None of our investigators came to church and this inactive girl named Sarai didnt even show up to church even though we go over to her house basically every day! Sooo annoying! Then at church, every one kept asking about the previous sister missionaries that were there before us and kept raving about how amazing they were! omg! Then the teacher in class pretty much ignored me and my comp and kept talking about the elder missionaries (we have the 2 zone leaders in our ward with us too, which is pretty rare for a ward to have 4 missioanries) and how smart they were! whatever. this just means Im gonna have to work harder to gain the members confidence and trust! easy! So yesterday I pretty much almost got murdered to shreds by 4 vicious dogs! So my companion and I were taking our big loads of laundry to this lady who washes it for us and right outside of our door were these 4 teenage boys. They started saying stuff in spanish like oh, need help with that ladies? me and my comp ignored these flirty boys and kept walking when suddenly, the boys (annoyed that we ignored them) whisteled at their 4 dogs to come up to us and bark their lives away! the biggest scariest black dog came up to me closer and closer so I attempted to prepare to defend myself with my big blue laundry bag. I was about to whack that jerk of a dog with my bag, when all of a sudden my comp yelled NO! ignore him or hell bite you! and she jumped in front of me! the dogs thankfully ignored us! omg i swear i couldnt breathe after ha. stupid boys. stupid dogs. anyways, on a more spiritually enlightening note, i gained a stronger testimony about the priesthood this week. my comp and i are becoming really good friends with this family that has 2 member daughters ages 19 and 16 named Sarai and Jocelyn. So their stepdad is in the hospital because he hurt his foot so bad that he might need to get his toes or foot cut off. So me and my comp and Elder Pictum and Elder Iniguez went to the hospital to visit him and for the elders to give him a blessing. When we were walking to the room, this random lady that known of us knew waved at the elders to come over. Elder Pictum said, okay hold on! so after they gave the blessing, we went to find the lady but we couldnt find her anywhere! then all of a sudden, the elders peeked into a room and this other lady who happened to be a member started talking to them and signaled for them to come inside the room where her dad was lying on a hospital bed. we started talking to them and the lady said she lives in the capitol. The elders offered the old man a blessing. We left right after. While we were getting inside the tuc tuc, elder iniguez turned over to me and said, that was really weird! we never found the first lady but the spirit led us to someone else who needed the priesthood at that exact time. its true that when you listen to the spirit, it can lead you to exactly where you need to be. it leads you to the right place, time, and person! this is soo true! the priesthood is awesome and anyone who is worthy enough to have it should be privileged to have it. it really does change lives! anyway! thats all the time i have for now! the elders are getting mad at me because we are all gonna go eat lunch as a zone. anyways, the church is true, i love you all and thanks for your emails and prayers! i think about all of you each day!

love, hermana argueta