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Monday, December 19


Hey yall! So I literally have like no time to write today since we only have a mini p-day because we just got back from the mission Christmas party in Xetulul, Retalhuleu. So this week was interesting ha. It wasnt as productive as i hoped but I definitely am starting to figure out how my companion and I are gonna have to work and succeed in our area. So on Tuesday i had to give my first one hour lesson completely in spanish during our district meeting so I was freaking out of course. i stayed up til 1am on Monday planning it and hoping with all my might that I wouldn't suddenly forget every word I have ever learned in spanish while i taught the lesson ha. When I was talking to the district leader Elder Con Con on the phone about how worried I was about the lesson, he promised me that I would be blessed with people to teach the gospel THIS WEEK if I taught the lesson. I was kinda doubtful of his words at first, but i gave in. I gave the lesson and it actually went better than i thought ha. Then the next 2 days were not so easy. My companion and I had trouble finding people who would talk to us for more than 5 minutes and NO one was home! A bunch of our appointments feel through and our only baptismal date that we had this week fell through as well. We were so frustrated and were starting to think that it was nearly impossible to find new people who will want to get baptized. Then, on Friday, we received a reference at like 9pm and the next day we were given another reference. We though the first reference asked to have the missionaries over, but no, wrong. We got there and asked her if she would like to hear a short message about the restoration and she said that she wasn't sure because she already goes to a catholic church. my companion and i looked at each other and i seriously was about to grab her and say lets get out of here since the lady wasn't really friendly or interested at all. we felt tricked ha! but finally, the lady said it was okay if we talked to her. so during the lesson, she became more and more interested and gave more comments and by the end she was really talkative, friendly, and said she would maybe come to church with us sometime. then this little gray kitten randomly jumped on my lap while I was talking about Joseph Smith! haha! then the kitten curled up and took a nap on my lap for the rest of the lesson! by the end of the closing prayer, we had to wake the kitten up so I could get up ha! it was random and funny! ha, that's never happened to me before, ever lol. anywho, we invited the lady, Evelyn to a Christmas activity that at the stake center the next day and she actually came with her neighbor! My patience was tested, but the fruits of our labor showed up in the end! you really never know what to expect from any person which is why its so important to be obedient ALWAYS and to endure to the end! which is another reason why I love the scripture in 2 nephi 31:20! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Feliz Navidad from guatemala! peace and blessings! peace and blessings!

love, hermana argueta