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Thursday, December 15

President Uchtdorf in Guatemala and my FIRST BAPTISM!


Hey Peeeeps! So this week was REALLY amazing! I found my first family to baptize! Hermana and Villa went with a member named Ester to visit a member about 10 minutes away. They are really really poor and live very humbly. So when we got to the lady´s house, there was another family there with 2 little boys. The family is sooo poor, they literally have nothing. They used to live in the capitol a few months ago but lost EVERYTHING in a fire. We looked in their room and they all sleep on the hard pavement that is their floor because there were blankets everywhere. We started talking to them, taugt them the first lesson really briefly, and before we knew it, we asked them if they would get baptized. They BOTH immediately said YES! They werent married so we had to arrange that but the zone leaders took care of it. So we went back the next day really early at 7:30 in the morning with our zone leaders because we had to interview them for their baptism and teach them the commandments. Then we left. On Saturday we went with the zone leaders to buy the baptismal clothes, decorated the room in the church for their marriage ceremony and then they were baptized! We had a big chocolate cake too! They looked happy! This experience taught me that you really never know who is ready to hear the gospel and be baptized. The Lord prepares his children in different ways and moments.Thats why its so important that we ask investigators if they would be willing to get baptized during the first lesson or appointment with them. My zone leaders have been talking to me a lot about challenging investigators to get baptized more often. I set a goal with them to challenege at least one person every day for a week and if I do it they said they would buy me ice cream! This week was especially awesome because President Uchtdorf was in Guatemala to dedicate the Xela temple. On Saturday we got to watch the temple youth celebration and it reminded me of when I got to swing dance for the Newport Beach temple in 2005! On Sunday Hermana Villa and I went to see the temple dedicatory sessions that were going on all day. It was really nice. So everyone is still getting ready for christmas by lighting the loudest fireworks on the face of the planet and choose to do so EXACTLY when I am about to go to sleep! I SWEAR I live on the loudest street in all of Mazate! Her Villa and I noticed that this week ha! Mom, thanks for all of your Dear Elders! And thanks Rachel, Brenda, Gina, Griselda, Josh and Rita for your emails! Natalie where you at girl?!? So for christmas I would like the following: Hot water for my showers, raid spray for the huge red ants in my house, sushi, and ear plugs! Thanks! I miss you all!

hasta luego,  hermana argueta