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Sunday, January 1

Happy Holidays

            Happy Holidays everyone! Hope everyone had a great Christmas! This week was kinda slow in terms of teaching lessons and contacting because everyone is either partying at the beach or out of town for Christmas. So my companion and I have been hanging out and trying to enjoy Christmas by ourselves haha. Everyone celebrates Christmas here on December 24 so on that day I got to call the fam which was awesome! Later We went to this lady named Ester´´s house to eat tamales with her family. Then we went home because we have to be home by 8pm every night. Then we stayed up til midnight to watch the fireworks or luzes´´ as they call them here. In Guatemala they celebrate christmas by lighting off huge fireworks in the sky like at Disneyland, except there were way more coming from all over different parts of town. My comp and I have a staircase that leads to the roof so we watched the fireworks from up there- It was really cool because theres tons of fireworks all around you! Then we opened some presents that we had under our little tree made out of branches (Thanks Ana and Rick!). Then we went to sleep. The next day we went to church at 9am for sacrament. Later we went to eat at the Garcia family{s house. After that we went to the stake center to eat lasagna with our whole zone. Then we went to Hermana Gilland and BAcas baptism. After that we headed to Fabians house to eat MORE tamales! So basically Im not eating for a few days cuz im stuffed! Or maybe til tonight ha. It definitely didnt feel like christmas, but i appreciate the opportunity to have a new christmas experience this year. christmas is still my favorite holiday because the whole world comes together to celebrate the birth of Christ! Since I had more than a little down time at home this year on Christmas, I decided to read about the savior{s birth in the scriptures and liahona and i definitely have a better sense of the true significance and profound meaning of christmas. its amazing to be in a different country and realize that even though everyone celebrates christmas differently, we all celebrate for the same purpose! I love how diverse the world is and appreciate the many different ways to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus! I love you all and cant believe this is the last letter of 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR! FELIZ ANO NUEVO!!

love hermana argueta

ps. thanks for the presents ana and rick and thanks for the card amanda! oh and thanks for the dear elders sara and judy and natalie! love yall!