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Wednesday, January 4


Hey everyone! Happy New Year! What did everyone do this year to celebrate? So this week we went to visit some members in a place called Urisaba. In my last blog post, theres a picture of me in a corn field.. thats Urisaba. So my comp and I went with my district leader Elder Con Con and his companion to visit some families there and for some reason that day there was a plethora of dogs EVERYWHERE! I swear, most of the time we were there was spent dodging vicious dogs! them crazyy things! but im still alive! so this week weve been focusing on visiting member families and teaching them about missionary work, or in spanish ´´la obra misional´´. We read D&C 18 with them, focus on verses 15-16, and then talk about how important members are for missionary work to be successful and productive. Then we challenge them to think of someone they know or a friend who needs to gospel and would be willing to listen to the missionaries. We ended up getting a few references just that very DAY so that really showed me how vital members are to missionary work. As a missionary, i have noticed how important members are in order for us to find the people we need to teach the gospel to. Missionaries DEPEND and RELY on members SOOOO much! Most of the people we teach are not contacts, but references so help from members is so SOO important.WEve also been teaching a lady named Monica who is about 28 years old and has 3 boys. Again, members are sooo important because we actually met Monica through a member named Ester. So weve already taught Monica the first 3 lessons and challenged her to be baptized. She said that nothing is holding her back to be baptized and she likes everything about the church so far, but she just wants to spend more time learning about the church. I can feel her testimony grow stronger every time we teach her so HErmana Villavicencio and I are gonna work with her on realizing that because of her great faith and willingness to folllow Jesus Christ, she is more ready for baptism than she thinks. This week I also attended my first mult-zone conference in which the President spoke at. The conference was really awesome and motivational! President MAravilla is very animated and uplifting! IT was also cool because me and 11 other elders and sisters in my zone got to sing ´á childs prayer´¨ in spanish and english combined for the musical number. Im actually happy that the holidays are over so I can get back to work! Hermana Villavicencio and I decided we both wanna work really REALLY hard this next change and teach as MANY people as possible!! So what all of your new years resolutions¿ Mine is to read the book of mormon in spanish 3 times this year! Wish me luck! ha! To sum this post all up, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! The Lord does so many amazing things every single day! I know because I can feel and see them each day from when I get up in the morning til I go to sleep! Look around and notice a little more closely and yóull be amazed at how much the Lord blesses you too! I love you all! thanks for your emails and support! I feel ALL of your PRAYERS every single day and I PRAY sooo much for all of you all of the time! have a great week everyone!