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Monday, January 9


HI! So this week was kinda hard for me and my comp because it was changes week and 3 elders in our zone left ;( we are sad because they were our zone leaders and district leader and we became really good friends with them. But its okay because our new zone leaders are REALLY hardworking and thats exactly what Hermana Villavicencio and I need because we are DYING to work hard this change and find new people to baptize. So yesterday we were kinda bummed because we went to all of our investigators houses early in the morning to invite them to church and none of them came. We were really frustrated, but were gonna continue to visit them and try to get them to come to church again this Sunday. We are still teaching Evelyn and Monica. On Friday it was really funnny because Hermana Villavicencio and I were visiting our investigators in Urisaba. We stopped by Evelyns house but she wasnt home. Evelyns 4 kids were home so we started talking to them. The 21 year old daughter was kinda quiet at first and didnt really want to talk to us. Then one of the kids noticed Hermana Villavicencio was bleeding and told her she would clean her leg up for her, so she ran to get medicine and cotton to clean it. Hermana Villa freaked out when she saw the alcohol and screamed, So what did I do¿ I grabbed her leg and put it on my lap and said, DO IT!! CLEAN HER LEG! HURRY!! HERMANA VILLA SCREAMED; [NO WAY!! let go of me! its goonnna hurt! and EVERYONE WAS CRACKING UP AT THE LITTLE SHOW HERMANA VILLA AND I naturally threw for them. So now they love us and think were hilarious! we }even won the 21 year old, Sharons, trust because she kept asking us a bunch of questions on why we serve missions and what we have to do to serve one and things like that. So Hermana Villa and I are gonna try to be friends with Sharon so she can feel more comfortable around us from now on. Besides that, we basically just showed the new zone leaders our area since we share it with them and introduced them to people in the ward. But the 4 of us are gonna start working in an area called Santo Domingo which is primarily dominated with evangelicals as well as an area called the Progresso which I havnt been to yet. But on another note, Im really healthy and doing great still! Nothing to complain as of yet! thanks for your dear elders allison and sonia! i miss my sisters and family sooo much!!! i love ALL of you! please pray that I will find new people to teach this week! that would be super helpul! hope all of you have an amazing week!

hermana argueta