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Monday, January 16

When You Least Expect It

hi-loww! so this week was pretty awesome. Hermana Villavicencio and I baptized a lady named Delfina and her 8 year old son Jonny. So 3 of Delfinas kids were already baptized previously but due to some personal issues that needed to be taken care of, Delfina couldnt get baptized a while back. But its all good because Delfina cleared up her issues and she made the right choices in order to be able to get baptized this past weekend. This week something else wayy cool happened.So my comp and I found a family that lives in a tiny house with a tin roof in Santo Domingo. A lady named Albertina and her 3 little kids live there. We taught them a short lesson and left them a pamphlet about the Restoration.  So the next day, my comp and I went back to Santo Domingo and were planning on visiting Albertina but we saw her right when we got off the bus and she was rushing to the hospital, so we couldnt visit her. So my comp and I walked around and looked around, trying to figure out where to go. We stood there for a few seconds and all of a sudden we heard 2 ladies talking to eachother. Without even saying a word to eachother, my comp and I looked at eachother, smiled, and headed towards them. One of the girls was named Sulmy and she´s 19 years old. We just started talking to her and she said that Albertina happened to be her aunt and she had borrowed the pamphlet we left the day before and she had read all of it! She said she was really interested and wanted to know more. My comp and I were obviously more than happy and couldnt believe it! The spirit totally led us in the right direction. Its experiences like these that reassure me that the spirit really does guide and lead us to the people who are ready to accept the gospel into their lives. So Sulmy let us into her house and we taught her the first lesson about the Restoration. She was really interested. We invited her to church but  she said she had to get permission from her mom first. On Sunday, our investigator Evelyn FINALLY showed up to church! We were soo happy and proud of her! I really feel positive about Evelyn. We picked her up really early on Sunday and we also picked up 2 other member families. We ended up cramming 20 people into a tiny yellow bus to get to church ha! it was really crazy to see ha! Yesterday, Hermana Villavicencio and I also traveled to Chicacao, an area about an hour away from our area. It is uncommon for us to leave our area, but the zone leaders and assistants asked for our help because a baptismal date fell through that the elders had there and they wanted our help to save the family from changing their mind. It was nice to know that the elders really needed our help and trusted us enough to be able to teach the family by ourselves. We talked for a while with them, trying hard to convince them to get baptized, and finally they said they would try to prepare to get baptized this week. Everything in Mazate is going pretty well though. This week I really want to work with our investigators more so they can progress and realize that they are more prepared for baptism than they think! I miss all of you sooo much! Thanks for your emails and prayers and letters! I always appreciate them and love getting them! I hope you all have a great day and do something nice for someone today!


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