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Tuesday, January 24

Santo Domingo

So this week we've been working really hard as a companionship and as a zone to baptize as many families as possible in Mazatenango. The zone leaders are trying to set a new record for our zone and we all fasted together as a zone last wednesday to help us focus on looking for people in our areas who are prepared to be baptized this month. This week Hermana Villa and I have been working a lot with the elders and helping each other out. The elders came with us to visit Evelyn and her family a ton this week. Evelyn is really torn because she feels wrong about being a member of the church while her children go to the catholic church. She is ready for baptism and has a desire, but needs to exercise her faith and actually put it into action. We are going to try to work with her this week. Weve also been working really hard in Santo Domingo, a´town in our area. Santo Domingo is sooo pretty and really green. Theres a lot of people here, but no church building in this town, so it makes it hard for people to be able to afford the bus pasejo every sunday to get to church in Las Flores. This week we worked SOOOO hard to look for a family but didnt have any luck. FINALLY, on Saturday night at around 8pm, my companion and I along with Fabian, our ward mission leader went to visit a family in which only the dad is an inactive member and the family is really positive for baptisms! On Sunday we went to pick up Delmy, the nonmember and wife, and she agreed to come with us to church! Hermana Villa and I were SOOO happy! I sat next to Delmy at church and she asked me a BUNCH of questions about the book of mormon and sunday school! It was awesome! I gave her a copy of the book of mormon and gave her a little homework assignment to read 3 nephi 11. Although missionary work is challenging and stressful sometimes, Im honestly learning sooo much about how the spirit works at precisely the right time and in the right ways for each person to be receptive to the gospel. As far as my spanish goes, well, its coming along. Im studying spanish every day and trying to write things down that I hear that are unfamiliar to me. But at least I understand everything so thats good.  So since I have been in the field for over 2 months now, I finally can say I am used to several things about Guatemalan lifestyle. Even some things that might have once been crazy and unusual to me in the past ha. I could think of several, but here are 5 things I am pretty much used to by now:


1) Being crammed on a tiny bus with at least 25 other people.

2) Eating tortillas. Every.Single.Day.

3) Women whipping out their boob to feed their babies at any given time without any ounce of discretion for my sake. During a lesson, at church, on the street, at the mall, on the bus, while eating my chalupa at taco bell, you name it. Yup. Seeing tits on the loose does not phase me at all, sadly.

4) Being sweaty 24/7. Yum.

5) Getting asked where I am from at least 27 times a day and no one believing me that Im 100 percent Guatemalan. No one believes me. NO ONE!


Anyway, thanks sooo much for everyone that wrote to me! Dad I didnt get your email last week, I think you forgot to hit send maybe??? Thanks to EVERYONE who contributed to the package! I loved everything and am wearing one of the new shirts right now! you are all awesome and I am sooo blessed to have all of your support! Have a fab week dolls!


Hermana Argueta