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Wednesday, February 1

Noche Blanca

Hey everyone! So this week we had a really cool event called la Noche Blanca on Saturday night. So all the missionaries from our zone who had investigators to baptize brought them to the stake center. There were about 20 baptisms altogether and we watched them from a projector while they were being filmed in the room with the baptismal font. There were a ton of members and investigators who showed up too! We had one baptism, a 13 yearold girl named Doritza. Shes soo awesome. Her mom is not a member and is not supportive of her joinging the church, but still gave her permission to be baptized. Doritza has such a great desire to be a member of the church and she LOVES coming to church every Sunday. So the crazy part is that Hermana Villavicencio and I went to go pick up our investigators and members for the baptism with the elders, like we always do each week, but this time we all went on the back of a little pick up truck. Altogether there were about 30 people (and a newborn baby!) standing up on the back of this little pick up truck rushing to get to the stake center for the Noche Blanca! Ha! It was really crazy to be squished but we were laughing all the way there ha. The mission President, President Maravilla came too, along with his wife. After, we asked the members who attended to write down a reference of someone who may be interested in hearing about the gospel and we got about 40 references! So this week we are going to be focusing on contacting the references we received. Our zone also broke the record of 52 baptisms, with 64 for this month, so it was a really good week for zona Mazatenango. Right now one of my main investigators is Delmy, Doritzas mom. She feels like she needs more time to investigate the church and attend church meetings and functions before she can make a decision so we are going to bring over members so she can meet them and get to know them. Besides that, I'm doing really good and love being a part of this work more and more every day! I LOVE being a missionary and can't picture myself doing anything else! Miss you ALL!
Hermana Argueta