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Monday, April 9

Breaking Up isn't hard to Do


Hey everyone! So this week was tough, but I somehow made it through! Today I feel kinda strange because I am in a trio with 2 other hermanas since my comp had to go to the capitol to sign some papers for something, but its been fun with Hermanas Alston and Arroyo! We have plans to go buy random Guatemalan things today at the mercado since its Hermana Alston goes home on Thursday and today is her last P Day! Weve been in the same zone for 5 months now so Im really going to miss her! So this week we got a reference from a member in our ward named Mauricio. He said it was the girlfriend of an 18 year old member in our ward named Marcos. So we went over to Marcos house to wait for him and his girlfriend to arrive. About 15 minutes later, he walked in alone and said, omg, you guys are here! ahh, okay so please dont ask her a lot of questions because she doesnt like being pressured or interrogated and try not to make her feel uncomfortable. My comp and I just looked at eachother and thought, OH. NO. This is a trick appointment. The girl, Lillian, had NO idea we were going to be there to teach her the first lesson. So she walked in and the look on her face when she saw us was priceless. She was shocked and not happy to see us at all. Ha. So Marcos started telling her that she should give us a chance and hear us out because he loved her and wants to marry her in the temple someday. So we started talking to her and answering her questions. Then she told us she is really Evangelica and her dream is to get married in her church. She would not budge and was not receptive to anything we said. She said that she appreciated the time we took to teach her but she was not interested in hearing more. So we ended it like that. So the next day Andres, Marcos brother brought a nonmember friend to church named Pancho. We met him and talked to him about coming over and teaching him. He accepted and we planned to meet up that same day in the evening. So we go meet him around 6pm and Marcos opens the door to let us in. Then Marcos said, I really appreciate you guys coming over yesterday! My girlfriend didnt talk to me at all last night after you guys left and today she broke up with me!!! Im grateful for you two because you helped me realize that I need to focus on preparing for my mission and not on dating! my comp and i just looked at eachother with our mouths wide open, guilty as charged. I said, omg im sooo sorry!! its all our fault! but he was sooo happy and his response was, oh no, dont be! you did me a favor and to show you how much i appreciate you guys im making you dinner tonight! so basically we were rewarded and thanked for breaking a couple up, so okay, theres a first time for everything i guess. So back to Pancho. So we taught Pancho and is totally the Joseph Smith of Guatemala. He is 14 years old, doesnt practice any religion, and has been confused while figuring out what church he should go to. We asked him if he would be willing to be baptized on april 7 and he accepted. So well see how that goes. But the coolest part of all of this is that when one door closes and smacks you in the face (Lillian), the Lord will make sure a better door will open for you (Pancho). In my case, it was literally the same door, but you get what Im saying.Just when I felt discouraged after our lesson with Lillian, the VERY next day I was given the opportunity to teach someone who is truly READY to accept the gospel into their lives. The Lord will NEVER leave us. NEVER EVER. I remember hearing something that I loved and have yet to forget... Even if you give up on yourself, the Lord NEVER WILL! This is soo true. Heavenly Father knows our weaknesses, strengths, potential, and capacity. He knows how we can be the best our best selves and if we have faith in him we can realize it too. This experience also has showed me that EVERYTHING comes in the LORDS TIME, NOT OUR OWN. I love being a missionary and am trying to be a better one each day. Love you all.


Hermana Argueta