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Monday, April 9

General Conference

Happy General Conerence Weekend! Did you guys like it¿¿ i did. So this week, the whole mission was prohibited to baptize because of conference, so instead we focused on bringing as many people as possible to each session. My comp and I were able to bring 4 investigators with one family. The family that we brought is the Perez family and they live in Urisaba, about 10 minutes from my house here. We met them in Santo Domingo on Thursday night at Roberts house, our recent convert. Roberts mom told us that they were interested in coming to our church. We talked to Paola, the mom of the family who is 24 years old. She said that she is tired of her husband being drunk all of the time and not treating her well. She said she needs a change and that he needs to also be willing to change so they be a better family together. So we talked to her husband that night too, Esteven, and he said he was willing to come to church but he didnt want everyone asking him questions and interrogating him. We invited them to conference on Saturday at the stake center and they both accepted. On Saturday, we came over at 9 am to pick them up and only Paola was ready. Esteven was totally hungover and we could barely understand what he was saying. So he ended up not coming. After trying to convince him to come to church for almost an hour that day, he finally promised he would come on Sunday morning with us. So Sunday morning Paola and him ended up going to the morning session of conference with us. After conference we gave them a tour of the church. When we got to the baptismal font, Pamela had a few questions about when we baptize. We told her that baptism is the first step and ordinance that a person needs to take in order to progress as a member of the church and all she would need to have is a desire to do it and be willing to repent if necessary. Paola and Esteven seemed to like everything about church so we are hoping to put a baptismal date with them this week. Its funny how we found them though because Roberts mom is very evangelica and she is the one who was telling Paola and Esteven about how great our church is and the activities we do, that my comp and I didnt even have to say anything at first! My jaw just hung open and I was thinking, GIRL, ARE YOU KIDDING ME¿¿ ¨WHY DO¨NT ¨YOU JUST GET BÄPTIZED THEN¿¿¿  Im grateful to have the opportunity to share the gospel with families like Paola Esteven and I hope they choose to follow in the right path through baptism. Ill let you all know how it goes! I love all of you! Have a great week.
Hermana Argueta
P.S. Hermanas Alston and Halling, I MISS you girls!
P.P.S. Thanks Ana and Rick for putting the ward package together for me! I LOVED everything! :)