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Friday, April 27



Ahh there´s SOO much that happened this week I don´t know where to start! This week was AMAZING! So this week we taught Gerbin every week and he finally was baptized on Saturday ;) Gerbin is the man that I contacted on a bus a few weeks ago. Gerbin doesnt have a lot of good friends so he showed a lot of faith by choosing to be baptized. He has changed so much already and is ready to begin his new life as a member of the church. Gerbin is the first contact that I´ve baptized so I was really happy this week. This week was really busy but soo good! So on Wednesday we had a multi zone conference with Elder Gavarett of the 70. He talked a lot about topics in Preach my gospel. He literally knows preach my gospel like the back of his hand, cover to cover. So basically the whole conference was preach my gospel-related. He spoke when I was in the MTC so it was nice to actually get to shake his hand and meet him up close this time. On Thursday we had another opportunity to go to the temple with the President, so that was awesome too. The more I go to the temple the more I love it and understand the purpose of temples and why its important to be worthy to go inside them. Temples are such a blessing but you truly can´t realize it until after you´ve gone through. I love being in an atmosphere that you can´t ever find anywhere else on earth ;) My comp and I also started teaching english classes on Saturday mornings at the church for whoever wants to come. Its fun teaching english because mostly kids come and theyre adorable! This week was sooo awesome and I´m grateful for all of the opportunities I had to teach new investigators, go to the temple, and hear revelation of a general authority. Í feel even more motivated to keep working as hard as I can and focus on investigators and not on myself. Thanks for all your letters, emails and support! Dont stop writing to me please! I need all of your extraordinary messages and words!
Hermana Argueta