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Wednesday, May 2

Otto & Ingrid

hello! So this week was rather difficult. We contacted a LOT and looked everywhere for new investigators to teach. Most of the people we talked to were super evangelicos and didnt want to come to church on Sunday. There´s SOOO many evangelicos here its crazy! But a lot of them are SOOO nice! One family gave us a huge bag of limes to take home so that was nice. So the coolest thing that happened this week was when we went over to a random house because it was POURING rain and we had no jackets or umbrellas. Plus the light went out in all of Mazate, so we couldnt go outside because it was pitch black and we wouldnt be able to see. So we decided to find a house to stay in until it stopped raining and the light came back. So we knock on the door and a really nice evangelica lady lets us in and lets us teach her about the plan of salvation. She totally is not willing to change and kept going on and on about her religion and how she loves it. So then we just talked with her and all of a sudden a man about 36 walked in. He said his name was Otto and he started asking us a bunch of questions about our church. So we talked to him and he told us he worked on the lady´s house pretty much every day. So we invited him to come to church on Sunday and he said that we would like to come with his daughter. So Sunday comes and this happened on Friday. On Sunday, we were gonna bring a family to come to church but they were too busy to come. So we went to church and just after sacrament had ended, Otto walked in with his 13 year old daughter Ingrid! That made my day! I was sooo happy to see them there! They ended up staying after for the classes too and Ingrid knew 2 of the girls in young womens so she felt comfortable going to the young womens class with them. So Ingrid loved church and said she wanted to come back. Her dad said he needed more time to investigate the church and think about it. But either way, it was good that they came. So we are going to teach them tonight and then we have a family home evening with an inavtive family. You really don´t know who is ready to accept the gospel which is why it´s soo important to talk to EVERYONE, not just who looks or says they are interested. Everyone is a son or daughter of God. Everyone is welcome. The gospel is for EVERYONE. And that´s why I´m here. To invite everyone to come unto Christ and learn about his plan of happiness for them. Right now, this is my job and it´s the best job anyone could ever have :)

Hermana Argueta