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Monday, May 14


Hi! First of all, Happy Mothers Day to all the mommys reading this. And it was fun talking to you mom and answering your 1,468 questions. Ha, just kidding love you. So I finally had changes and moved to a new area, COATEPEQUE! So Im obsessed with my new area and zone. Plus I love my companion Hermana Alvarez from Mexico so things are going really well! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new ward too! This ward is beyond nice and the people are incredible members! So on Thursday we went to the ward mothers day activity at the church but we had to leave really early since we have to be home by 8pm. we were planning and starving. all of a sudden, we hear a knock on our door and its our cook, Wendy´s husband and their daughter who came to bring us the dinner they were serving at the activity! Ive never had anyone feed me dinner in mazate, not once! sooo I was shocked and beyond grateful. The people here are sooo humble but sooo giving and they treat the missionaries soo well. On Friday we went to Reu literally all dayyyy long, from 10am to 7pm because my comp had to see the doctor and I had to work on things for the english program in the mission office. On Saturday we had a baptism for Iris. Iris is a very unique and special person. She lives byherself in a small cement house and has no furniture or kitchen. She just has a lot of blankets for her bed. The hermanas who were here before made her a door out of aluminum and wood. She kind of acts like she has A.D.D. but were not sure if she is mentally not okay or just restless. But she reads the book of mormon and understands the things that she is taught by the hermanas. She has a fear of men and acts a little nervous and timid around them. Unfortunately, she wasnt home all day on Sunday so she didnt get confirmed, but she will be on Sunday. So there is SO much work here in our area. We have a lot of investigators and families so I´m happy to have awesome people to work with and the potential of this area is notably positive. Hermana Alvarez wants to work really hard this change and I told her I do too, so we are gonna get a long perfectly! So Coatepeque is very different than Mazate. There are a LOT of hills and the streets are very slanted, so were practically hyperventilating walking up street after street. Lets just say I will be very toned after leaving Coatepeque. Perfect. The area is also much more laid back and tranquil compared to Mazate and I dont have the noise of buses, horns, radios, vendors, and dogs waking me up like in Mazate. OMG the dogs, how could I forget. There are NO dogs here, I love it. I have yet to see one vicious dog yet! I love my life ha! Milo is the only perfect dog on the planet. There is an inactive family here, the Diaz family, who washes our clothes for free and gives us dinner on Sunday, plus rides whenever we want. They are sooo amazing and I already love them like my own family. The people here are seriously soooo giving and friendly, I am obsessed. Well I'm off to eat Mexican food with my district yumm! love you all! the church is true!

Hermana Argueta