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Monday, May 7


Hey everyone! So I cant believe I have 6 months in the mission! Wow, I feel like I just got here. Time flies right before my eyes and there´s just no slowing it down. I still dont know if I have changes or not. The assistants will let us know tonight. Today was a fun P-Day. We went to Tulate, a beach about an hour and a half away from Mazate. We ate fish and just hung out. This week was kinda hard but we focused on working hard on finding new investigators and we contacted a lot! So Sunday went really well because we 5 investigators showed up to church. Sundays are the busiest days as a missionary. We leave the house at 7:30am to go pick up investigators and bring them to church. Sunday we went to Santo Domingo and picked up Gerber, Sonia and her 3 little kids, and Iris and her little daughter. Gerber is an 18 year old boy that we contacted on Saturday and accepted our invitation to come to church. Sonia is a lady we met while going to visit Iris and she is also Iris's neighbor. We picked them all up and piled on the back of a truck and went to church. When we got to church, I was happy to see 2 of my investigators, Erik and Otto, already sitting down, ready for sacrament meeting. Those are the moments where I feel like, hmmm, maybe I am doing my job. It was a little crazy trying to give every invetigator equal attention because there were so many (7 in total with 4 little kids) and only me and my comp. My comp and I ended up trying to help Sonia with her kids and taking them to nursery so they could pay attention to the lesson in relief society. In the end, all of our investigators enjoyed church and are receptive to coming back again. Now it is up to us to work really hard with them and get the members involved in creating friendships with them because that is key to an investigator feeling comfortable in coming back to church. Thats why I always mention how important members are! Im grateful for the opportunities I have to spread the gospel. Ive realized that just because I have been here for 6 months doesnt mean there is nothing left for me and that I have seen every receptive person. There are TONS of people who still havent heard the message of the gospel and are waiting for contact with missionaries. Missionary work is NEVER finished and will NEVER be done... EVER! I definitely have a new testimony of that.

 Hermana Argueta