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Monday, July 30


Hey everyone! So we just got back from a fun day at the beach with our zone! We spent the whole day taking pictures, talking, eating fish, drinking coconuts under shady palm trees, and playing in the sand. I'm grateful we got to have a relaxing pday at the beach because this week was super CRAZY! CRAZY, but in a good way. So we had 3 baptisms this week, Jeffrey (8), his brother Angel (10) and Marta (80). We had soo much to do, the challenging part in particular being heating the water for Marta since she cant bathe in cold water. So we asked the 4 elders in my district to help us all afternoon and heat huge pots of water while we ran to do errands for the baptismal service. Wow, I've never had such a crazy-stressful week but in the end it was worth it because all 3 were confirmed on Sunday and happy with their baptisms. My comp and I are especially happy because we met our goal of baptizing 5 people for the month of July! I honestly testify that 2 things in particular allowed us to reach this goal... FAITH in Jesus Christ and OBEDIENCE. These are 2 principles that our mission President is always always always stressing and teaching us to have. My comp and I did everything possible to make an effort to be more obedient in every aspect, at home, while contacting, during lessons, always always. And I also turned my feelings of disappointment and doubt into automatic reflection on Jesus Christ and that this is TRULY his work for the happiness of his children. Turning my negative thoughts upside down and doing my best to follow the guidelines placed before me as a missionary honestly made all the difference in this month and allowed this miracle of 5 to happen. I know this without.a.doubt.

Hermana Argueta