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Tuesday, August 7

Change 3

Hey everyone. So there were changes this week but luckily I didnt have any and neither did my comp. So now I am in my 3rd change here in Coatepeque. Im soo glad I didnt have changes because I love love love my area and my comp too! I did go to the changes meeting though to hand out the english certificates to 3 of my latino students who finished their missions on Wednesday. Anyways... so right now we are in the process of looking for new investigators since we baptized all of ours last month. We have an investigator, Delfina who has a baptismal date later this month so we are working with her. Right now we are working a ton with members and planning fun activities so members can invite their friends. We are planning a talent show for Thursday and the whole ward is participating. Yesterday my comp and I met with a member family for lunch to plan everything so we are excited to start letting everyone know and invite everyone! We chose acts from the bible and book of mormon and each society or quorom is going to act one out. My comp and I are going to act out the quarrel between 2 women and King Salomon in the book of Kings... one of my favorite stories! Even though we are working hard, the mission is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of challenges and obstacles we are facing as well. But we are learning as we try to make the best of everything Heavenly Father sends our way. I know that the gospel can change lives and help us be the people Heavenly Father wants us to become. Love you all, hope youre all having a fun summer :)

Hermana Argueta

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad and Kevin!