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Monday, July 23


Hello Everyone!

This week was kind of challenging for me and my comp, but we made it through thanks to a great Sunday! So we were on the lookout for new people to teach this week and asking for references from as many members as possible. Well, no one really wanted to talk to us when we knocked on doors and the members gave us NO references at all. We were frustrated and sometimes just walked around hopeless. On Saturday we contacted a 19 year old named Nery and he came to church on Sunday and appears positive. He said he feels really happy and good about the things we are teaching him. The week thankfully ended happily thanks to an amazing Sunday! On Sunday, my comp and I spoke during Sacrament meeting and 108 people showed up (our goal is 100 for the ward)! We were shocked, but mostly thankful. We both felt the spirit as we each gave our talks about missionary work and looked out to a full congregation. Later we went to visit some inactive members and an inactive family who has a daughter that wants us to teach her to prepare her for baptism. So we have some new possibilities for baptism this week. There is soo much work here and this area is really big, so I'm grateful for that because not all areas have these advantages. I know this week will be better and will work as hard as I can. I know Heavenly Father listens to our prayers because despite the challenges and difficulties I had this week, he helped to realize there is hope in everything and its up to me to show him how willing I am to work and serve him and his children. I love this work so much. It makes me happy.

Hermana Argueta