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Monday, August 20


Hey everyone! How is your summer going! Its seriously a heat wave here in Coatepeque and Im pretty sure its 50 times hotter than wherever you may be right now. So we just came back from a bananero, a banana factory where they produce del monte bananas. It was really fun and interesting! Then we ate hamburgers and played soccer on a little field on the factory site. This week was Delfina's baptism, age 11. She is awesome and her family is so cute… plus her dad is soo funny, he reminds me a lot of you dad! This week was challenging but we are working hard to help our investigators progress. Im still working on building my faith day by day through fervent prayer and positive thoughts. Trials really do strengthen us and test our capacities, Ive learned this much just this week. Who knows what other challenges will be placed before me but all I can do is put my faith to use and keep myself optimistic about my life. I feel I have a great responsibility right now to help the people in my area. Thanks for your consistent prayers, I really need them right now. I love you all.

Hermana Argueta

P.S. Thank you so much Ana and Rick Clift and family for the package!!